Stack Data Structure: Push-Pop-Peek Operations

- Stack is linear data structure where you can add data elements that are connected to each other in the form of a stack
- Stack follows FILO (First In Last Out) structure
- The last element added to the stack will be the first element to be removed from it

Stack Operations:


push(): adds an element to the stack. This operation will increase the size of stack by one


pop(): removes an element from the stack. This operation reduces the size of stack by one


peek(): checks the top element of the stack. This operation will not remove the element from the stack like pop operation


isEmpty(): checks if the stack is empty or not

Applications of stack data structure:

Stack is used for conversion of infix to postfix.
Stack is used for evaluating expressions with operands and operations.
Stacks are used for backtracking.
Stacks are used in reversing any set of strings or data.
Parenthesis checking